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Business Development Training

Improving win rates. Improving margins. Improving customer relationships. Reducing losses. Reducing capture cycle times. Reducing risk. It all comes down to how prepared your business development team is. The Maher Group has more than 20 years of experience providing training which sharpens the critical skills needed for winning and sustaining business.

Training for Program Managers

Program managers today are responsible for ‘managing’ programs and relationships, and also for identifying additional opportunities for program growth. The Maher Group has designed training specific to technical titles which are also customer facing. Providing the interpersonal skills necessary to build customer relationships is the goal of The Maher Group’s PM classes.

Additional Training Capabilities

Winning Proposals: Today’s contracts are increasingly competitive and complex. Most are decided by contracting, not technical personnel. The majority of awards become low cost technically acceptable, regardless of words in the RFP.

Strategic Consulting Consistently and actively navigating customer, competitor, investor, technology, political and other dynamics to achieve organizational goals is a constant, critical leadership challenge.

Capture Dominance and Excellence: Capture has always been predominantly about customer relationships (via incumbent performance, trusted agents, interaction at conferences/events, or social engagements). This is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s restrictive legal/regulatory environment. Capture now relies more on detailed research, data analysis, and point gaining strategies.


Customer Testimonials

What our customers say about our Superior Business Training Programs.

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