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About Us

About The Maher Group

The Maher Group understands the world of aerospace and defense. Whether we are providing training to Business Development teams seeking new business with the DoD or to Program Managers that need to strengthen critical partnerships with their prime customers, The Maher Group has a proven and unparalleled track record.

Proven Experience

Since 2000, The Maher Group, LLC has provided tailored and custom training programs to more than 45 defense, aerospace and security companies. During this time, we have provided classroom training resulting in 150+ program wins, totaling 3B+ in sales with the DoD, the DHS, prime contractors, foreign allied militaries and commercial targets.

Measured Success

By utilizing real time customer and program opportunities in training classes, our customers are able to measure success immediately ‘in the field’. Success is measured by the progression to next steps in the pursuit and capture process, winning re-competes, securing new programs, developing acquisition strategy and finding new opportunities with existing relationships.

Our Team

Sheilah Maher

Founder, Business Development

Justin Tillinghast

Lead Facilitator

Jim Valenti

Professor Emeritus

Bob Urso

Bob Urso

Senior Consultant

Some of the operational warfighter platforms the Maher Group has been associated with include:
  • ARMYS Future Command
  • Green/White Phosphorus Technology (for ARMY/National Guard)
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • DCGS
  • On Board Vehicle Power (OBVP)
  • Integrated Sensing Technologies
  • Howitzer Crew Trainer
  • P5 Encryption
  • Force on Force Protection
  • Next Generation Vehicle Upgrades (ARMY)
  • Integrated Microwave Assembly
  • Missile and Fire Control
  • ESA Systems
  • Fire Scout
  • Fire Scout International
  • Triton
  • Global Hawk
  • GPS/Cruise Missiles
  • GPS/Precision Guided Bombs
  • Comms systems: space, ground, naval applications
  • Global Hawk
  • MOSA (Modular Open System Approach)
  • Patriot Missile program
  • Ruggedized display systems
  • ISR (Biz Jets)
  • ISR
  • Flight Simulation Training
  • JSF program s(3ATI)
  • C4i systems
  • ABMS (Advanced Battle Field Management)
  • T-6A
  • Tacamo
  • Force protection
  • Ground based air defense
  • Training and simulation
  • Cyber Platforms
  • Enterprise IT
  • Aircraft Modification and Upgrades
  • Data Link Solutions (Naval, Airborne, Ground)
  • IVAS (integrated visual augmentation system)
  • FTUAS (Future Tactical Unmanned Systems)
  • ARV (Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle)
  • C130 Hercules
  • P-8 Mod
  • U.S Navy Surface Combatants (Aegis DDG-51)
  • U.S Navy-Green, Blue, Brown Water Campaigning