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Gerry Decker

Consultant / Trainer for Proposals and Capture

Mr. Decker has a 37-year career providing services and solutions to US Federal Govt. clients such as the DOD, DOE, and the intelligence community. He has provided services/solutions including SETA, base operations, range operations, nuclear site management and operations (M&O), language/intelligence analysis, customized aviation solutions, agile weapon systems development, and civil Eng. design/construct. These solutions were delivered while Gerry was working with Meridian/DynCorp/CSC, McNeil Tech, AECOM, SRA, Aptim and Alion, (owned by Veritas Capital). For the last 18 years, Mr. Decker provided C-level leadership and change management focused on value creation through a performance based, entrepreneurial culture; organizational optimization and integration via technology enabled, best practice based CONOPs; financial optimization; contract operational excellence; best in class business win rates, including 11 single award transformational $1B+ prime bids; M&A value creation; strategic planning; and exit strategy design. Gerry’s firsthand experience with all functions at all levels and track record of performance make him a valuable resource to organizations looking to harness change, win transformational contracts, increase profitability, and create value. He is a superior facilitator who can relate to audiences’ context and associated dynamics, complex and often conflicting challenges, and offer creative, proven solutions.

Specific wins:
  • $4.6B single award INSCOM Worldwide Language Program
  • $1B single award DOE Strategic Petroleum Reserve Management and Operations
  • $1.1B single award classified agency worldwide logistical delivery system
  • $896M single award Navy Integrated Training Environment

With 40+ years of capture management, including capturing 11 $1B+ single award competitive contracts, Gerry Decker, has developed a set of common best practices for any capture, including creative research targets; teaming based analytical analysis and scoring of 3 key items. Regardless of your team’s experience, this will be an eye opening session promising cutting edge winning strategies.