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Sheilah Maher

Founder and Project Manager

Sheilah brings a unique blend of business-to-business sales experience and project management knowledge to her role at The Maher Group. As the top-grossing salesperson in training organizations for which she’s worked, Sheilah has extensive hands-on experience in the field and understands that effective sales, business development and strategy implementation are the key to any company’s success in a competitive marketplace.

Sheilah’s keen problem-solving skills and intricate knowledge of the customer development process have helped her develop and manage programs for emerging organizations as well as Fortune 500 companies including Oracle, Microsoft Corporation, ChevronTexaco, L3 Communications, The Boeing Company, Raytheon Corporation, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, and DRS Technologies.

Since 2000 when The Maher Group was launched, Sheilah’s focus has been solely within the defense and aerospace community. She understands the skill requirements for those tasked with growing business (new and existing) in highly competitive environments. Whether it’s a training project designed to help customers grow international business, business within adjacent markets or prepare for a significant pursuit, Sheilah helps design programs that deliver results. Prior to her role with The Maher Group, Sheilah was a senior sales consultant for NTP, The Sales Improvement Company. She joined NTP in 1992 and was part of the highly successful team, which is now the force behind The Maher Group.

Sheilah serves as the new business development director for The Maher Group and manages every project personally from the tailoring interviews to the facilitator handoff. In her training career, Sheilah has generated and managed more than 200 individual projects. She is an active member of the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) and the association of The United States Army (AUSA). The Maher Group is based in Denver, Colorado.