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Superior Business Training for Military/Government

Company Bios
Core Competencies
Since 2000, The Maher Group, LLC has provided tailored and custom training programs to more than 40 defense, aerospace, military groups and security companies. By utilizing real time customer and program opportunities in training classes, our customers area able to measure success immediately “in the field”. The Maher Group has a proven and unparalleled track record.



  • Our People – Years of Military/Government/Business Background Experience.
  • More than 250 verified wins with customer programs
  • Performance-Based Processes
  • Integrated Solutions Teams
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Strategic Mix of Technology and Business/ ART and Science
  • 21 years of working solely within aerospace, defense, military installations and government
  • Our references tell the story…

Core customers

  • Picatinny Arsenal
  • Aberdeen Proving Grounds
  • Rock Island Arsenal
  • Northrop Grumman
  • L3Harris
  • General Dynamics
  • Raytheon

  • Leonardo DRS
  • SAAB Defense
  • Smiths Interconnect
  • Rolls Royce Defense
  • The Boeing Company
  • Man Tech International
  • Cubic Global Defense

Audiences we Train
The Maher Group provides an agile training mechanism to iterate and refine critical thinking and leadership skills to keep pace with ongoing and emerging challenges. By actively incorporating structured operational platforms and PM user input/feedback, The Maher Group will identify, tailor and develop innovative solutions to common roadblocks associated with major defense acquisition programs. Leadership areas, stakeholder communication, presentations and collaboration/analysis areas are all specifically addressed. To be successful in today’s marketplace, senior leaders and their organizations need project, program, and portfolio managers who excel not only at technical skills but also leadership and business/strategy acumen. Some three-quarters of organizations rank project management leadership skills as most important for the successful navigation of complexity in advancing today’s military programs.


The Maher Group provides training to a wide range of audiences including:

• Managers (PM’s)
• Contracting Officers
• Competition Advocates
• Source Approval Engineers
• Small Business Officers
• Program Engineers
• Supply Chain Managers/SBLO
• Supplier Quality Operations

Codes and Certifications

  • Certified Woman Owned Small Business
  • SAM CERTIFED & up to date
  • DUNS 166994215
  • NAICS CODE 611430 (Professional and Management Development Training)
  • CLASSIFICATION CODE :U — Education & training services
  • (GSA Schedule Contract ##-###-# (In-process)

Some of the operational warfighter platforms the Maher Group has been associated with include:

  • ARMYS Future Command
  • Green/White Phosphorus Technology (for ARMY/National Guard)
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • On Board Vehicle Power (OBVP)
  • Integrated Sensing Technologies
  • Howitzer Crew Trainer
  • P5 Encryption
  • Force on Force Protection
  • Next Generation Vehicle Upgrades (ARMY)
  • Integrated Microwave Assembly
  • Missile and Fire Control
  • ESA Systems
  • GPS/Cruise Missiles
  • GPS/Precision Guided Bombs
  • Comms systems: space, ground, naval applications
  • Global Hawk

  • Patriot Missile program
  • Ruggedized display systems
  • ISR
  • Flight Simulation Training
  • JSF program s(3ATI)
  • C4i systems
  • Force protection
  • Ground based air defense
  • Training and simulation
  • Cyber Platforms
  • Enterprise IT
  • Aircraft Modification and Upgrades
  • Data Link Solutions (Naval, Airborne, Ground)
  • IVAS (integrated visual augmentation system)
  • IVAS