Diversity and Inclusion Training

Candace has expertise in language, culture competency and customer relations management. She has trained and coached university level faculty and staff along with individuals within private enterprise. The main objectives of Candace’s training are:

  • Understanding the concepts and the value of diversity and inclusion
  • Embedding diversity in values, leadership, and teams
  • Developing an organizational culture of inclusion
  • Discovering and responding to unconscious biases
  • Navigating cultural variability with peers at the workplace
  • Demonstrating respect and rapport verbally and nonverbally
  • Avoiding stereotypes and being culturally aware

  • Developing common ground and credibility with people of various backgrounds
  • Building and cultivating relationships beneficial to the organization
  • Leveraging diverse talent to obtain organizational objectives and increase engagement
  • Expanding perspectives on problem solving, innovation, and creativity
  • Recognizing the business case for diversity and inclusion
  • Recognizing organizational benefits of diversity and inclusion

Training modules are customized per the customer’s unique requirements. Training is offered in a one or two-day format.

Candace is fluent in multiple languages and has traveled extensively throughout the world enhancing her credibility with learners from all backgrounds.

Past Performance (Customers)

University of Denver: University College
The Center GLBT Colorado Organization
U.S. Department of State
University of New Mexico: Internal Customers
University of New Mexico: External Customers

Marjorie J Smith
Over the past several years, I have attended several of Candace’s conference sessions at the DU Internationalization Summit. The workshop-style sessions are filled with up-to-date content, critical discussions and mindful reflection focusing on linguistic and cultural accessibility to discourse, event, and other campus resources. Candace crafts a clear and meaningful message from an abundance of information. She has an approachable style that resonates with audiences.
Marjorie J SmithAssistant Vice Chancellor, Director, International Student Admission
Tom Pierce, PhD
Candace provided several very good trainings for faculty and administration that focused on how to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, including ethnicity, age, and level of education. Candace shared some great strategies for relating to diverse students, and she also presented ideas for integrating communication activities into our classes. Candace is a natural teacher and a top-notch trainer who interacts well with students and staff from all levels of the college.
Tom Pierce, PhDDirector of Adult Education
Maya Magee Sutton, PhD
When companies enlist the expertise of Candace Maher, they benefit from her years of varied experience. She has trained employees in large corporations, hospitals and universities in diversity and inclusion. As a conference speaker, she has trained professionals to allow for generational differences at work, to use intercultural communication and to develop rapport and credibility. Candace Maher has very effective ways of changing employees’ attitudes to become more open to diversity.
Maya Magee Sutton, PhDProfessor and Author
Kelly Nichols
Candace delivered professional development training, adding to our knowledge, skills, and abilities in interpersonal communicative competence. Due to deep learning of rapport and credibility, we were able to bolster our speaking engagements with insightful activities and presenting dos and taboos. Helping others understand stereotypes and biases is our business. And with Candace’s facilitation, we were better able to understand and respond to our clients who range from youth to elders. The learning environment was highly conducive to interacting and engaging with others.
Kelly NicholsChief Operating Officer of The Center on Colfax
John Boydstun
Candace engaged CNM faculty and staff at monthly division meetings and numerous conferences in diversity, equity, and inclusion. the activities to promote awareness and behavior change were revealing. Materials and application of this content encouraged leadership, faculty, and staff to use knowledge gained in there interactions with peers and learners. Candace’s presentations were always creative, well organized, and offered insightful tools for improving instructional methods. I personally found her techniques and recommendations highly useful and was able to incorporate many of them into my teaching methods.
John BoydstunCentral New Mexico Community College