C3 (Communications) Excellence

C3 (Communications) Excellence

What is the number one reason behind a successful military mission? Communication, Collaboration and Coordination. These fundamentals are no different in the world of business.
Unlock the power of effective communication to propel your leadership to new heights with The Maher Group’s Communication Excellence (C3) course. Tailored for visionary leaders, this course is designed to equip executive leadership, directors and ‘high potentials’ with the strategic communication skills necessary to inspire, influence, and lead with confidence.

Course Description

Effective communication is a cornerstone skill in both personal and professional realms. This course aims to equip participants with the necessary tools and techniques to enhance their communication abilities, fostering better understanding, collaboration, and success in various contexts.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of effective communication.
  • Develop active listening skills.
  • Master verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.
  • Learn strategies for clear and concise expression.
  • Enhance interpersonal communication skills.
  • Handle conflicts and difficult conversations effectively.
  • Adapt communication style to diverse audiences.
  • Utilize technology for effective communication.

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