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Added Value Selling

Added Value Selling is NOT just another sales course. Rather, it is a course of action – a business philosophy built on the foundation of customer service. In today’s competitive global marketplace, it is more important than ever to remember that opportunities will most likely come to fruition ONLY when customers trust you and know that you will meet their unique needs. At The Maher Group, we simply call this, Added Value Selling.

Course Description

In AVS, some of the key learning modules address:

  • How to develop trust and rapport quickly with any customer (or prospective customer) behavioral type
  • Learning the ultimate art in sales – ‘elicitation’ – to uncover real requirements while simultaneously building stronger business relationships
  • Penetrating the sales-decision process quickly by defining and selling product value in terms of individual customer desires
  • Grow current business through the art of the ‘Follow-up’ and ‘Upselling’

Sound simple? Think again. Added Value Selling is an art that needs to be learned and mastered in order to help differentiate your products and services from your competitors.

Tailoring Added Value Selling

As with all Maher Group programs, the tailoring we conduct prior to class launch is what ensures participants will be engaged throughout the session. Tailoring includes interviewing subject matter experts as well as conducting OSINT (open source intelligence analysis) so that the course content is relevant to your:

  • Products/ services / concepts / solutions
  • Competitive environment
  • Current situation (growth objectives/ growth challenges)
  • Customer set and overall market space

Learning Objectives

Comprehensive Content (2 Days)
Participants will leave this highly interactive course with:
  • An understanding of the difference between ‘price’ and ‘cost’
  • A step-by-step communication process applicable in any customer/consumer setting
  • A thorough understanding of the different customer behavioral types: Dominant/Driver, Ego/Expressive, Complacent/Amiable and Stable/Analytic (and how to effectively appeal to each type)
  • An appreciation of ‘The Added Value Model’: the sale is always more about the customer than it is about the seller
  • A strategic path forward for acquiring new business as well as growing existing customer relationships

For a full comprehensive course overview, please email us.