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Tier 1 Leadership and Championship Culture Leadership

Fundamental Leadership

This course is built on decades of experience in serving, studying, coaching, and developing military special operations and corporate leadership. This is not an MBA class on leadership taught from text. …this is ripped from real world experience learned from failure and success in combat and the boardroom. The primary goal is to learn about what it takes to be an effective leader regardless of your role, and to make real progress in becoming one. Students will learn about articulating a vision, game changing problem solving, and other elements of effective leadership and processes involved in executive decision making.

Total leadership is taking ownership of decisions and outcomes while setting examples by integrating work, home, community, and self-improvement in the whole person concept. The powerful combination of authenticity (being real), integrity (being whole and undivided), and creativity (being innovative) is what sets Tier 1 leadership apart from management, and service above self apart from “climbing the corporate ladder”.

Learning Objectives
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of leadership and the skills manifest in effective leaders
  • Demonstrate effective techniques and strategies for articulating a vision
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the steps involved in setting goals
  • Demonstrate comprehension of the elements and processes involved in decision making
  • Ethical Leadership

(Advanced) Championship Culture Leadership

“It pays to be a winner” is a phrase that is said often at the Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado, CA during Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, and that championship culture is what they find meaning in. The practice of leadership is becoming increasingly important in our ultra-competitive marketplace as effective leaders can have a dramatic impact on a wide range of critically important organizational performance variables. Leadership can impact innovation and creativity, transformation, productivity, and employee morale. This course brings commitment, confidence, composure, character, and other pillars of championship cultures into a clarity of action for your team.

There is a saying in Tier 1 military special operations, “you cannot read the label from inside the jar”, and nowhere is that more apparent than in leadership—in military and business. There is a second saying which truly drives this home, “there are no bad teams, only bad leaders.” This is the mantra of ownership of decisions, outcomes, and culture.

Learning Objectives
  • How to identify the elements of effective team building. Do you have a championship culture?
  • Understanding the roles of empowering and delegating as effective leadership skills
  • Demonstrate and differentiate relationship between power, delegation, and empowerment of subordinates
  • Discuss the role of a leader in initiating change and helping others to adjust to change
  • Servant-leader’s role in leadership
  • Identify personal leadership orientation and philosophy

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