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Performance Based Negotiations

Negotiation takes place every day but it is NOT easy to do well! Every negotiation is different, but the basic elements do not change. The principles of negotiation can be used with one issue or several, and with one person or more. However, at The Maher Group, we believe that knowledge of human behavior is essential to becoming an effective negotiator. Anticipating and satisfying needs, understanding assumptions, and the art of expanding possibilities are the keys to the “Win-Win” negotiation process.
The Maher Group uses three real time targets/customers/opportunities as the basis for all exercises, ensuring that the content is ‘real time’ and relevant to current pursuits and negotiation situations. These may be external (customer) scenarios or internal (organizational) scenarios. The walk away is three completely developed negotiation strategies designed to be utilized immediately following the class.

Course Description

To create a successful negotiation, it is essential to know what the other person wants, needs, or will settle with! Performance Based Negotiations teaches tactics, techniques, and protocols, to gather information and uncover needs skillfully. Recognizing when the customer has a real need and being able to reinforce it while establishing and maintaining rapport gives you the winning formula for excellent negotiations. Your team will be able to close the negotiation or gain commitment to the next step in any negotiation process using a process proven by the top negotiators worldwide, including the NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team.

Learning Objectives

  • Gather critical information (interests) that is needed to negotiate a successful outcome
  • Recognize various negotiation styles and personality types, and using basic through advanced negotiation tactics, techniques, and protocols, to fit the negotiation style of the other party
  • Position the negotiation in a way that ensures the other side recognizes the value, and increases margins, while maintaining an atmosphere of trust
  • Apply common tactics, techniques, and protocols in the counter tactics of negotiating
  • Exhibit an attitude or preparedness that sets the stage for successful negotiation

For a full comprehensive course overview, please email us.