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Persuasive Presentations

Persuasive Presentations uses three real time (customer identified) presentation opportunities. Our 10 step proven process uses a customer centric philosophy which ensures that the presenter doesn’t pitch their products / services or concepts to the audience. Each team will have the opportunity to take part in the development and delivery of a presentation on day two. Delivering a persuasive presentation can make the difference between moving forward (and winning) or losing the opportunity altogether.

Course Description

This intensive, two-day program is a unique presentations skills class developed specifically for the customer-oriented sales/BD process. Content includes the situations commonly experienced when presenting the product or service prior to the final proposal and when presenting the final proposal itself.

Following this powerful focus on presentation skills, participants will immediately be able to implement what they’ve learned to increase credibility, understandability and effectiveness.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn:
  • Physical Skills
  • Organizing the Presentation
  • Using visual aids
  • Handling questions

For a full comprehensive course overview, please email us.