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Sales Resiliency / Combat Readiness

Sales Resiliency / Combat Readiness takes lessons learned from Tier 1 Special Operations and teaches grit and resilience on how to ‘take a hit’ in the world of sales and BD and keep going– no matter the circumstances, reasons, or resources.
Sales Resiliency has been taught to:
  • Navy Special Warfare (SEALS)
  • John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & School (SWCS)
  • Green Berets (ODA’s) Army Rangers
  • Collegiate & Professional Sports teams.

Course Description

Resilience is a critical skill to master, in order to respond positively to setbacks or KPO’s (key performance obstacles), improve sales performance, and deliver on results. Building a ready and resilient team requires a proactive approach to learn mission critical skills such as: attention control, visualization, and energy management.

Learning Objective

This course will help develop the “whole person” concept while building confidence and developing strong body language (helping to also build mental strength for life). The mental toughness skills taught in this course have been tested and proven with Tier 1 operators throughout the world. Justin Tillinghast, the instructor, combines his mission driven executive & military leadership experience (along with a PhD in psychology) to drive the energy and content of this course.

For a full comprehensive course overview, please email us.