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Winning the Customer Relationship (Program Managers)

In the current defense and aerospace environment it is imperative, now more than ever, that customer facing titles (above and beyond sales and business development) to understand their role in growing customer account value (contract value). When customers know you understand and care for their concerns (requirements), they are more likely to trust recommendations for additional products and services.

Course Description

Winning the Customer Relationship (WCR) is geared toward people with technical titles (customer facing) that have great influence and access to uncover additional customer requirements. WCR was created for the challenges associated with the belief: “I’m not a sales/BD person.”

Learning Objectives

WCR takes a deep dive into improving the interpersonal skills which are critical to master in order for account growth to occur:
  • Listening for the sake of understanding, not responding
  • Eliciting critical information via a strategic questioning process
  • Identifying customer behavioral types using
  • D.E.C.S (Dominant/Driver -Ego/Expressive -Complacent/Amiable and Stable/Analytic)
  • Developing deeper trust and rapport with the customer
  • Gathering, analyzing and disseminating intel to other appropriate players in the pursuit / growth process

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