I wanted to express my thanks for the BD Sales Training and Capture course iXblue is currently undergoing. I’ve taken many of these courses in my 25 years of Business Development, both internally and externally, and several from some Nationally known companies but this one is far and away the best for several reasons. Rick, the instructor has kept us focused on the curriculum and how it applies to us in and bigger picture. From Pre-qualify to close, it’s all there. Most importantly, the tasks assigned are real world examples of opportunities that we are pursuing, not just some made-up text book examples. This is a welcome departure and something that I feel has always been missing from other training courses. Our choice to go with the Maher group has been a good one and I can’t wait until the next installment. iXblue Director, BD Defense Systems, Inc
L-3 Interstate Electronics Corp
We followed the ‘Killer Presentations’ outline precisely and the result: We were reinstated on a program which generated millions of dollars over several years that were the feedstock of many other awards.
L-3 Interstate Electronics CorpPresident
Northrop Grumman
I had more “take-aways” from the Maher Groups’s two day session than I did from a two week Executive Marketing class I attended at UCLA. Why isn’t all of our training this good?
Northrop GrummanSenior Capture Manager
L-3 Communications Systems West
L-3 Com-West firmly believes in this training program and our growth shows its effects! Without it, we may not have won PHOENIX, Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicle, or several other of our Competitive Must Win Programs. The Maher Group hands-on style and deep understanding of our business differentiates this training from everyone else’s. Many of our marketing people take the class again and again to sharpen their skills. We’ll keep training until our entire division thinks like a guerrilla!
L-3 Communications Systems WestPresident
L-3 Interstate Electronics Corp
The Maher Group teaches skills and tools that have real, enduring value in the business development cycle. At IEC, we have now accomplished three training programs with The Maher Group and I find the lessons and techniques taught result in direct, sustainable improvement in our marketing and sales performance. For example, one of the techniques is the ten slide ‘Killer Presentation’, a method to present any sales subject in just ten slides that is tremendously effective in shaping a customer’s decision. Here’s what happened to us a couple of years ago: We had won a key program and were a year or so into development of a major new product when, for many reasons, both we, and our customer, lost our way. Costs of the development were escalating and finally reached a point where our competition convinced our customer to dump us and go with them. We were given one last opportunity to meet with our customer’s management team to try to turn the decision around. We had a one-hour window at 0730 with the customer. Immediately after the customer would make their decision. We chose to use the ‘Killer Presentation’ technique. We forced ourselves into the discipline and structure required. We rehearsed and rehearsed and at 0730 we made our presentation. The outcome? Two years later we are a major supplier on this very successful program.
L-3 Interstate Electronics Corp
Ball Aerospace, Tactical Solutions
Your training and your folks have raised our collective business capture acumen. Much appreciated.
Ball Aerospace, Tactical SolutionsVice President & General Manager
Ball Aerospace, Tactical Solutions
The WCR course has given our Program Managers and Program Engineers the confidence to ask our end customer meaningful questions (eliciting more meaningful information) which has led quantifiable program growth for us. This is not an easy task, as our PM’s are being asked to take on more of the customer growth responsibility, and The Maher Group has given them great tips and tools in order to do so. Fantastic and relevant training.
Ball Aerospace, Tactical SolutionsVice President Program Management
Ball Aerospace, Proposals
I commend Sheilah Maher for her personal involvement in our project. She was personally involved in translating out business needs into relevant requirements which became the basis for the course material. She engaged several of our team members in advance to ensure our gaps were understood, and flowed into the course material. She flawlessly transitioned the requirements to the trainer and was intimately involved in developing and reviewing the course material. Sheilah followed up with us through end of day debriefs to ensure our requirements were being met. I commend and highly recommend The Maher Group for their value proposition in management consulting and training.
Ball Aerospace, ProposalsSenior Vice President of Business Development
L-3 Communications, SDS
I wanted to reach out and thank you again for your guidance earlier this year. We received a signed contract from CBP on the proposal we focused on in the Maher Group’s training. I firmly believe this project will make the USA’s borders more secure. This is certainly a strategic win for our company.
L-3 Communications, SDSDirector of Business Development & Strategy
Ravenswood Solutions
This training was not only superb, it was unique and very valuable in giving our company a number of competitive edges. The group of engineers, operators, and managers who received The Maher Group’s tailored course came out with information to which they had never been exposed, shown where and how it fits in the process, why it works, and how it makes a powerful difference. Time and money extremely well-spent.
Ravenswood SolutionsPresident
General Dynamics, Land Systems
We at GDLS (Canada) had a significant need to train our international program teams on growing existing programs. the Maher Group did an excellent job and we have gone on to utilize all of the skills we’ve learned and have subsequently grown significantly.
General Dynamics, Land Systems
General Dynamics, Land Systems (CA)
Powerful training! This course got quickly to the essence of what we do and how we can do it much more effectively and strategically. Putting these tools into place has meant a huge jump in the PWin for our division. We plan to have Maher Group training for every customer facing title that we have. Best of the best!
General Dynamics, Land Systems (CA)Vice President Programs
SVP, Cubic Defense
The Maher Group is top notch! The material is timeless and relevant for all market segments and any sales/BD/customer facing team!
SVP, Cubic Defense


Our mission is improving our customers’ bottom line. We identify the areas which need improvement and work with the appropriate operating groups to create stronger, more productive and more competitive organizations. The result is enhanced short term gains and long term profitability and growth. Our decade long track record greatly reduces any risk you have choosing The Maher Group as your training partner.

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